Founded in 2008, CompConsult Technologies has developed into a mature, multi-faceted company offering sophisticated business solutions throughout sub Saharan Africa. CompConsult Technologies continues to be a leader in the market by focusing on brand alignment, client service and partner relationships.

CompConsult’s investment in people, Intellectual property and best of breed brands is the key differential embedded in “value beyond technology”. This ability to deliver measurable business value is what makes CompConsult’s offering more than simply a comprehensive suite of excellent software, hardware and network infrastructure products. We are a leading Information and Communications Technology (ICT) company in Uganda, among our many services, Organizational Management, Infor Sun Systems, Business Consultancy, Service and Repair, Software Solutions and 24/7 Support is what we do. We have satisfactorily done this for the past 10 years in Uganda, Rwanda and generally in the entire Sub Saharan region. Our company has in the past embarked on similar and related works and services with most of the biggest Telecoms and contractors in Uganda and we have proved how much worth, our value adding works and services have contributed to the successful completion of the projects we have handled.

CompConsult Technologies is well liquidated and fully equipped to undertake Mobility Management, Customer Management, Service and Repairs, Sun systems Services, ERP and Financial Management, Software and Hardware Supplies and Maintenance and supplies of other Equipment that relate to the said. Our team of professionals works at understanding your needs, the structural requirements of the project and proposing solutions that not only fit those requirements, but also are scalable and reliable in a manner that is up to modern industrial standard.

Who we are

We are a dynamic innovative and yet completely dependable company that challenges the status quo and raises the bar in Information, Communication and accounting technologies.


We maintain close contact with our most important suppliers, which means that we are always informed about the latest technological developments and we can therefore provide our clients with the best solutions at the best price.

Our Mission

Acquire and retain a strong market presence in the EastAfrican Telecoms infrastructure marketplace with a large share of satisfied clientele.

Ensure that our products and service offerings are in line with our clients business requirements and they are tailored to be solutions for such.



Our culture of teamwork allows us to combine the quality and expertise of our professional staff to deliver optimum solutions to our clients.


We embrace the highest standards of ethical behaviour and transparency in every aspect of our business to yield a company that is trusted by i ts clients and stake holders


We thrive on creativity and ingenuity. In todays fast paced technological climate, innovative ideas, concepts and processes are essential to the continued success and growth of a company.


Our success and delivery of quality programs and services are largely dependant upon the patnerships that we create with all of our internal and external stake holders.


The spirit of leadership is instilled in every employee.

Specialist Knowledge

Our specialist knowledge in a variety of industries enables us to realise innovative solutions by linking people, technologies and ideas. We are capable of building and integrating new and innovative technologies into relevant business solutions for our customers.

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CompConsult Technologies

CompConsult Technologies works with many businesses through helping them use technology to improve business operations. Our company is the leading sun systems certified partner in East Africa. We are a dynamic innovative and yet completely dependable company that challenges the status quo and raises the bar in Information, Communication and accounting technologies.

The dawn of a new world that is free, better and more transparent without restriction!

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