At CompConsult, all of our Photocopiers are Multi-functional Devices, which basically means they can PHOTOCOPY, PRINT, SCAN, FAX, all from one machine! We supply Multi-functional Devices to cater for small, medium and high end office use from market leaders Nuctech, Samsung and Utax. Scanners: CompConsult markets a wide range of Scanners, from flatbed and book to Wide Format Scanners. For flexible network scanning we have a range of both standalone and integrated Scanners, incorporating single or duplex scanning. From A4 full color, up to AO Plan full color scanners, we have all requirements catered for. Fax Machines: Our range of Fax Machines varies in design and size and there is a variety of models to suit all requirements. DigiNet is the Distributor of two leading Manufacturers of Fax Machines, Nuctech and Samsung. Printers: We supply both color and black and white laser Printers, scanners and multi-functional devices. We provide a comprehensive range of Office Printers, both Color and Mono from the high-end networked to compact, value for money Printers.


In order to engage your audience and display
your ideas visually, why not invest in a Projectors which will be of great benefit to you and your audience and make meetings more productive while at the same time bring a personal touch to learning and collaboration.

CT Scan

Superior Images to X-ray: Computerized tomography (CT or CAT scans) combines x-ray science with computer technology to produce more focused and informative images than traditional x-rays. CT scans produce clear pictures of bone, soft tissue, organs, inter-vertebral discs and the spinal cord. The images can be reproduced in black/gray/ white tones or color. To enhance the image, a contrast medium (dye) can be injected into the patient during the test.

Interactive Whiteboards

What are they?: Interactive Whiteboards operate essentially the same as a normal Whiteboard, the key difference being it that they are electronic! The Interactive Whiteboard is usually wall mounted in a prominent position in, for example, a school classroom and connected to a computer making it possible to display information directly on to the Whiteboard. The obvious benefit of course is that it eradicates manually writing and erasing information as with a normal Whiteboard We supply a wide range of Interactive Whiteboards – contact us today for a free demo!

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